Our client came to us wanting a video to launch a historical based coin collection magazine. We were given very little information on what he wanted and so we took the opportunity to research the topic to find interesting aspects about coin collecting and the rule of Elizabeth I.   As we immersed ourselves, we started to find many fascinating facts we could use to transform what some may see as a dull topic, into a riveting subject. Our task then was trying to decide what to include in a 30 second advert and how best to portray it. We decided to focus on the experience of a father and son exploring the magazine as key events and characters are bought to life. We wanted to highlight the strong personality of Queen Elizabeth I who was seen as a bit of a vixen in her time and who defeated King Edwards invasion. We also wanted to show what would likely to be bought with the coin at the time to show its value.

Once the script had been agreed upon, we organised everything from booking actors, voiceover artists, costumes to locations. After filming we organised clear casting and ensured that the video adhered to broadcasting regulations.