Why Choose Lightly Frozen?

Online Project Collaboration

We have a dedicated online facility that allows you to easily and efficiently provide feedback on your video project straight from your browser, avoiding the need for many lengthy emails or meetings. Once logged in you will be able to see the latest edit, ask for changes by simply pausing the video and adding a note as well download the video in a range of formats when the project is compete.

Cinematic Look & Feel

High Definition (HD) cameras don’t guarantee a high quality image; there is a big difference between HD news coverage for example and the latest feature film but both are HD. We have identified the four key ingredients that make HD look high quality and then hand picked from the latest equipment the best lens, camera and grip equipment combinations that we feel provide a beautiful cinematic look and feel. You can find out more information about what makes video look cinematic below.


A large part of the cinematic perception is due to the amount of the image that is in focus. High budget programs will have an image that is in sharp focus but only around the subject, the background and foreground will be blurry. This is described as shallow depth of field and closely represents how we naturally see things around us. It is very desirable because it makes the subject stand out from the background, reducing distractions and making it a much more immersive experience. At Lightly Frozen Productions, we have chosen lenses and cameras that provide this look, which allows us to control exactly what the viewer concentrates on.

Extensive depth of field


Shallow depth of field


Dynamic Range

A big problem with digital video is that the image can easily overexpose, which causes the bright parts of the image to be white with no detail and similarly, the dark areas to be black with no detail. We shoot using a special colour profile called “Slog2” found mainly in the top of the range Sony cinema cameras. This allows the camera to record all the detail in the highlights and the shadows in a flat grey image enabling full control during colourgrading. Our final video looks vibrant and with rich colours.

Low Dynamic Range


High Dynamic Range


Colour Grading

Colour grading is the final stage of editing that will set your video apart. By colour grading your film, we can enhance the feel of the video, re-enforce an emotional message or represent brand colours. We have an in-house colour grading suite to enable us to create a high quality product.



Vintage Look



Camera Movement

Creating video that is engaging to watch whether on TV or online can be enhanced by using varying camera movements. We are always looking for the latest technology to achieve interesting camera movements that will make your video seem more dynamic. Whether the camera lifts out of the tree canopy of a forest using a camera crane, smoothly floats next to a someone running at full speed using a gimbal that balances the camera or stylishly glides through a wall using a slider; we are always coming up with ideas that will create an interesting perspective.

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