The Video Production Process


It is important that we are on the same page when it comes to producing a video. Some clients know exactly what they want while others only have a vague idea. Before we film anything, we will spend time researching and developing ideas on how to best frame your message. We will provide a detailed script on how we are going to create your video, including dialogue, actions and camera angles. For videos based around interviews, we will list the kind of questions that we will ask and the type of answers we hope to obtain.


Finding actors, voiceover artists, costumes, props, locations, licences and permits as required. Depending on the amount of involvement you prefer, we can do all the behind the scenes work or you can be involved in each decision.


The filming process varies greatly depending on the type of shoot. Our crew is scaleable and the equipment we bring will be tailored to the complexity of the shots that are required; ranging from the basics including camera, light and sound equipment to more specialised equipment including a gimbal or drone. We will organise transport and catering for the crew and actors.


Editing is carried out in-house on one of three Mac edit suites, which gives us full creative control and ensures consistent quality. At this stage we can add logos, titles, diagrams and other motion graphics. We are also able to refine interviews to ensure they sound eloquent despite usual on-camera jitters.

Colour Grade

Here we enhance the mood of your video and really make it stand out by adjusting the colours, shadows and contrast. We can also add effects to make objects or people that are important stand out.

Online Review

Review your video easily online using our online review portal, you can add comments and tweaks that you would like carried out at this stage. We can then upload the final version for sign off.


Once signed off, we will deliver your final film conveniently online and in the format that you require; fully optimised for uploading to Vimeo and Youtube or in a mp4 format ready for streaming.

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