Social media has become a powerful platform to share information. However, social media also poses many challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that your video is well received. We recommend that videos be short and snappy to stand out from other posts and to engage with the mobile social viewer who tends to have a short attention span. Additionally, it is important to utilise motion graphics and/or subtitles to communicate effectively even when posts are viewed silently. There is also the option of shooting in a square aspect ratio to maximise screen space on mobile devices. We will apply our cinematic video production techniques, whilst maintaining exceptional value for money and fast turnarounds.

We’ve worked with Lightly Frozen Productions for a number of years, on videos for a range of internal and external channels and always found them to be a professional, punctual and talented editors and videographers. They contributes ideas and quickly grasps what we’re trying to achieve on a project. They are also really easy people to work with, which always helps.

Ben Harwood

Head of Social Media, National Trust

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